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Your Vehicle Can Feature All Of Your Favorite Radio Stations With Perfect Reception

If you are looking for a compact SUV that is a luxury vehicle, you likely discovered the BMW X3. BMW actually doesn’t refer to them as an SUV, but rather as SAV, or sport activity vehicle. The latest versions of the X3 come equipped with heated seats, adaptive headlamps, panoramic sunroof, and an 3.0si engine with 260 horsepower. For improved safety, the BMW X3 also comes equipped with xDrive, which allows the vehicle to compensate before the driver might be aware of an unstable situation, thus improving your safety in potentially dangerous driving conditions. When you are looking at your options for satellite radio for BMW X3, integrating XM satellite radio into your BMW is a great choice. BMW X3 and satellite radio offers you all of your favorite radio stations with perfect reception no matter where you might be traveling in your BMW.If you enjoy rock, then you will like the fact that XM’s two powerful satellites are nicknamed “Rock” and “Roll.” They are orbiting Earth in a similar manner as other communications satellites.Satellite Radio gives you so many options. With 100 channels of music, talk radio, news and entertainment, you are sure to find something great to listen to while in your car, even if you are no where close to a radio station transmitter. Your locale, no matter where that might be, is no obstacle to XM’s two Hughes HS 702 satellites. Those two powerhouses send any XM channel you wish right to your car’s radio. The satellite radio’s lineup of outstanding radio begins at a ground station located near Washington, D.C., which sends their signal to the satellites, which then beam the signals down to Earth, and those signals are picked up by radio receivers designed to play the digital data they receive from the satellites.If you are traveling in an urban area where there are a lot of tall buildings, you might have experienced intermittent gaps in your traditional radio reception. All of that is a thing of the past with XM Satellite Radio, because there are also transmitters placed strategically on the ground so you will always have great reception in your BMW X3 SAV.XM Satellite Radio is a subscription service. For a small monthly fee you receive 100 channels of all your favorite programming that plays crystal clear no matter where you might be driving in your BMW X3. No traditional terrestrial radio can offer you the same listening excellence as can satellite radio.Another aspect that many drivers favor when it comes to listening to their bmw x3 satellite radio is the lack of commercials that play on the channels. On terrestrial radio, commercials can really break up the flow of the music or other programming. That annoyance is taken away with XM, when you can choose your favorite channels that feature your favorite artists or speakers.

Atlanta City Events – Where to Go, What to See

Atlanta is one city in Georgia that offers just about something for everyone throughout the year. Atlanta usually boasts of warm weather throughout the year so you do not have to worry about a lack of outdoor activities when you visit this southern city.Some of the annual events that you might enjoy when you visit the city of Atlanta include the following. Christmas WalkVisit Atlanta during the first weekend of December so that you can participate in the Christmas Walk in the historic center of the city. Many of the homes on the historic marker are open to the public for the Christmas Walk and you can actually go into the homes and see the interiors of some of the finest mansions in Atlanta. This is one thing that you will not want to miss if you are in town during this time of the year.Pecan Fair The Pecan Fair is held to signify the coming of spring and is usually held the last weekend in March each year. This annual event is held in the city center and features pecan pies as well as roasted and candied pecans. This event has been held at Centennial Olympic Park for the past few years and is something for everyone who enjoys not only pecans but also wishes to participate in welcoming spring.Magnolia DaysMagnolia Days brings back a bit of the Old South and this event takes place the first week of May each year. Magnolia Days is more of a city wide event and encompasses Callaway Gardens as well as the Atlanta History Center. There is much to see and do during this time of the year and a Magnolia Queen is usually a much vied for title in Atlanta. The Magnolia Queen rides in the parade that starts off the Magnolia Days celebration as well as reigns over the event. The title is passed on each year. Many people dress in clothing from a bygone age during the Magnolia Days celebration. If you are in Atlanta during the first week of May, you might enjoy Magnolia Days.Peach Festival Georgia is known for producing some of the tastiest peaches in the country. There are peach festivals taking place throughout the state but the Atlanta Peach Festival is always held the first weekend after Labor Day Weekend at Centennial Park. In addition to featuring peaches, the event also features peach pies, peach ice cream and a huge carnival and fair that is fun for both young and old alike.Haunted ToursBeginning in October of every year, the Haunted Atlanta tours really pick up with tours of Underground Atlanta. You can take a haunted tour of Atlanta throughout the year, but the Underground Haunted Tours are only available each weekend in October. This is one event that you will enjoy when you visit Atlanta during the month of October.Fox Theater DaysThe last weekend of November signifies Fox Theater Days. Fox Theater offers live theater to Atlanta residents and visitors and Fox Theater Days showcases some of the best talent with street performances as well as workshops for up and coming performers. Fox Theater Days have been a part of Atlanta history for the past 20 years.There are many attractions to visit when you come to Atlanta, Georgia. There are usually events that take place throughout the year in this sunny and inviting southern city so do come over for a visit!

The Need To Immediately Arrest The Technological Skills Deficiency of New University Entrants

Universities are gradually evolving and moving from the purely traditional system to the modern technological induced system. The rate of this technology driven state of universities globally is unprecedented. This makes it imperative for new entrants who are not abreast with information and communication technology (I.C.T.) skills to catch up at relatively short times. Thus, an immediate orientation course in I.C.T. targeted at developing the competencies of students in coping with the technologically charged university environment must be a prerogative of universities. This would aid in boosting teaching and learning activities at the universities while maximizing the expected behavioral change in learners after their education at the university.The course activities at the universities today are streamlined in technology. For instance, the teaching and learning materials are now in electronic formats. These e-resources must be downloaded by students from specific websites given by the lecturer.Sometimes, some lecturers hold virtual classes online with their students due to geographical constraints due to emergency workshops, conferences, and meetings. In addition, numerous assignments require that students carry out extensive research using online databases. These assignments are mostly to be submitted electronically to the electronic mailing address of the lecturer or uploaded on a virtual platform created by the lecturer or institution. Thus, if a student is deficient in I.C.T. skills, how can s/he cope with this technologically induced university environment?Some may bicker that students at the Senior High school level were required to take lessons in I.C.T. to cushion them for the tertiary education steeped in technology. True this may be, the majority of the students at the High school level were not privileged to have had this opportunity due to many challenges. This may be as a result of the lack of technological accouterments as well as qualified instructor in the field to better handle the instruction delivery. These pool of students at most local communities and some urban centers are thus, highly deficient in technology. When they find their way to the universities, they meet an entirely unfriendly environment full of technology which they must speedily get abreast with all by themselves. Fast learners are able to learn these I.C.T. skills quickly from friends who were privileged to technological training while slow and shy students’ ends up throwing in the towel to university education.Others experience the first attack of unfair grading as the primary by-product of their deficiency in technological skills. Sadly, these ‘snail-to-technology’ students are objects of ridicule by their colleagues and some lecturers who are technology-privileged. This is much experienced when group assignment and presentations are to be carried out on virtual platforms. Demoralized students usually fall prey to absenteeism to lectures that are solely technology grounded. This gap that exists between students who are able in technology and those who are deficient must be bridged.An immediate remedy would be the organization of I.C.T. lessons tailored to meet the requirements and expectations of students at the university. This short course or orientation must be carried out in the very first week of student’s admittance to the university. It can even be scheduled as part of the orientation sessions usually promulgated at virtually all universities globally. This training aimed at endowing new entrants with basic skills in I.C.T. would help them to be able to cope and succeed in their newly found technologically induced environment.Tertiary institutions must make it a priority to organize this I.C.T. lessons since the traditional face of universities is being fast transformed into technology-induced condition. This great feat would aid in beefing up academic work at the universities while arresting the ill of truancy on the part of students due to lack of technological skills.

Choose an Expert SEO Service Provider

An accepted reality in the IT industry about SEO is that it is a constantly changing strategy. It takes a lot of keenness, enthusiasm and good amount of time to stay abreast with the new trends of SEO. As a result many web owners find it more reasonable to hire an SEO expert than to be troubled by the demands of website optimization. However, soon they realize that not all SEO companies do as they promise. The money invested by web owners end up wasted because they did not pay much attention in choosing the best SEO service provider as soon as they start off with online website promotion.There are thousands of expert SEO service providers in the market today who offer SEO services like improving the visibility of your website on the search engines as well diverting the right kind of traffic to your site who in turn convert into your potential customers. But how do you actually choose the best SEO expert for your online website promotion campaign? Well, the points below will help you to get the answer to this question:Do Some Research This is particularly important and advantageous for you if you know a bit about SEO. Search online about this topic and try to get some information to determine the exact needs of your website. Doing research will also help you to carry out a technical discussion with your SEO company/expert.Seek for testimonials from your SEO Company Ask for testimonials from the SEO Company and see if they are genuine or just publicity. Contact the previous clients of the company and take their feedback regarding their experience with the company. Ask them if they have got back services worth their money.Track the companies Experience Try to judge how far the SEO company’s competence can help you with your SEO needs. Check if the work done by the SEO expert previously is related to what your current task is.Set a discussion Communication is very important for your optimization campaign to become successful. You need to have an open and honest discussion with your SEO expert. The manner in which the SEO expert engages with you in a conversation is a good cue of how far he can help you. If he listens to you meticulously and attentively besides going into the details of your project, you can be rest assured that you have someone who will provide you with personalized services.These recommended steps will definitely ensure that you hire a good and reliable SEO expert. Always remember that all of your action has direct & big impact on your business. Therefore, willingly spend ample amount of time and attention to find an expert SEO service provider. You certainly do not want to link your business with any unknown person, so why to take lightly the matter of hiring a SEO expert?

8 Ways to Lower Your Life Insurance Costs

REDUCE YOUR LIFE INSURANCE PREMIUMS BOTH BEFORE AND AFTER YOU PURCHASE A POLICYThere are number of factors that impact your insurance costs. The average Canadian spends close to $58 per month (approx. $700 annually) on e.g. Term Life insurance, which is a significant cost block. This article lays out the main approaches that can be taken to lower these costs.There are many explanations for the life insurance prices that you pay and it is important to understand what you can do to before and after you purchase your Policy to keep your premiums low without affecting your coverage.YOU PLAN TO GET LIFE INSURANCE: WHAT CAN YOU DO TO LOWER THE COSTS?Aside from the standard advice to shop around and get multiple quotes, there are number of things that you can do to get lower insurance quotes from life insurers.1. Apply for the policy while you are young – most Canadians apply for life insurance in their early-to-mid thirties when they are getting engaged or married, or begin having children. Applying for the policy earlier will often get you better rates in return. According to statistical data, Canadians pay an average of $40 per month for a Term Policy with a similar coverage ($250-500k) if they are 31-35 years of age, $47 per month if they are 35-40 years of age, and as much as $64 if they are 51-55 years of age.2. Be healthy when applying for the policy. Many insurance customers pay 25% more for their Policy because they are overweight. Staying in shape and maintaining a healthy lifestyle will not only eliminate this extra portion of the costs, but can also result in a discount of up to 25%.3. Stop smoking well in advance of applying for an insurance policy. Insurers will expect to see at least a year without smoking in order to be granted the standard premiums. Otherwise, prepare yourself for premiums that are almost double.4. Drive safely – Maintaining a clean driving record will be rewarded not only by your auto insurer, but also by your life insurance provider. You can avoid an extra 25-50% of additional costs that result from a poor driving record. Having a flawed driving record with several at-fault accidents can lead to a declining you by insurance companies.YOU ALREADY HAVE A LIFE INSURANCE POLICY: HOW DO YOU LOWER ITS COSTS?Surprisingly, many people are not aware of the ability to lower their insurance costs after purchasing a policy. The key is to improve your own risk profile, thus, making it less risky for the insurance company. Below are four simple approaches to enhance your risk profile:1. Stop smoking – If you are able to demonstrate that you gave up smoking and have not returned to it for at least one year, you may lower your insurance costs.2. Stop drinking – Limiting your alcohol consumption will positively impact your insurance budget. After one year of no drinking, it is time to talk to your insurance provider. Having a few glasses of wine each week is not a problem; however, drinking three to four beers a day will not reduce your rates.3. Lose weight – Improving your physical fitness and health condition can be positively reflected in your life insurance premiums. You not only have the opportunity to reduce your premiums to the normal level, but can also qualify for a ‘Premium Health Customer Discount’ of up to an additional 25% off your life insurance premiums.4. Keep driving safely – If you received your insurance policy with a poor driving record, there is a good chance it has increased your life insurance rates by as much as 25% to 50%. If your offenses are three or more years old, this becomes visible to insurers and you can get your insurance premiums adjusted accordingly.

Healthcare Software Development Is Changing Business

Healthcare industry has seen a major transformation owing to the challenge it faces from all the service providers who are competing to offer a cost-effective personalized care. Following a push for getting predictable outcomes and quality care, comes a situation which is leading to an overlap of nanotechnology and information technology. Today, healthcare is more than only being measured for the transactions. It relies more on the outcome of patients these days.Why the Software Helps?The new and emerging world has indeed brought many changes but opportunities as well. Here, patients become the point of attention and the information flows towards the patient to break down the communication barrier. As a patient is the point of interest, physicians analyze his genetic orientation to come up with an optimal therapy. The facilitators can skim through millions of records within few seconds to know who exactly is vulnerable and stands at risk and then reach out swiftly. In this sector, a significant role is of an insurance provider who helps the patient in adopting a healthier lifestyle with an offer of personalized wellness programs.Managing IT SolutionsTo achieve success in transforming the world of healthcare, organisations are gearing up to redefine their values and come up with better patient outcomes. The best way to do that is through healthcare software management that is made possible with cost-effective comprehensive technology offerings for Accountable Care and Organisations and providers. IT companies today integrate their technological expertise with knowledge of the market to offer their services to the top institutions associated with the life sciences and healthcare.Developing SoftwareTeams have substantial experience and they comply with requirements while working for healthcare software development. Services related to industry, enterprise and consulting are taken together while providing a variety of solutions to the customers. The need for legacy modernization, quality assurance and testing, infrastructure management, health insurance exchange remediation, process improvement, sales force operations support and insurance exchange integration demands for software solutions.The clients also ask for industry reform remediation due to many dramatic changes in the reforms. Today, even the uninsured population can afford the health coverage. The stakeholders are required to adopt a general set of rules along with a changed focus on quality and cost. As the new business models, such as Accountable Care Organisations and Health Insurance Exchanges emerged, the sector focused more on outcome-based, patient centric care delivery.Four Dimensional ApproachHere, the IT consultants have some crucial decisions to make. They analyze the impact after assisting with reforms in four dimensions covering trading partner coordination, internal business operations, reform strategy implementation and end customer service. Services offered under all dimensions include consumer engagement, internal business application development and trading partner coordination with on-boarding.

Effective Accounting Transactions Require Accounting Software

In this fast growing world, that time has gone when people used to work on papers and clutter piles of files to record the business information and fill more and more file cabinets as time passes. This way of performing tasks is very time consuming. The problem starts when one needs to retrieve old information from those piles of files. It will be nearly impossible for the clerk to find the required information. Also, there is no contingency planning. There is no back up planning for important information. In such cases business can revert back and there will be obstacles in its growth. To avoid such hazardous situations there is accounting software available which makes life easy.This software is designed to record and process all the business transactions and related accounting information. Whenever we talk about accounting there are certain modules of accounting like payroll, accounts payable, and accounts receivable come into consideration. These important modules are integrated in software so that one can easily record the required information.So, recording a business transaction is no longer a problem through software because it is less time consuming, effective and efficient. Whenever you want to retrieve any information you can quickly click on the button and reach to the desired point.If your company wants to produce invoices to clients, if it wants to place an order, if it wants to record it liabilities, if it wants to record collection of payment or want to trace salaries, all of these tasks of billing, purchase order, accounts payable, cash book, payroll can be done on a single workstation. Now, imagine how easy it would be to do all these tasks quickly and efficiently. When you have such software then you can manage and utilize your time in maximizing your profit rather spending hours and hours on making general ledger entries.As far as installation of accounting software is concerned, the seller typically issues a license for the software and charges extra for installation. Therefore, every organization should have this solution to increase the growth of the business, make effective decisions for the business and enable more efficient transactions.

The Idea of Travel and Leisure

It is a big treat to travel not for any business or work-related reasons but simply for leisure and pleasure. For those who are new to this kind of thrill, there are a thousand ways to plan an itinerary given that one has the right knowledge and the right financial budget. The main essence of travel and leisure is not to simply travel and see places but to bring the concept of traveling to new heights by allowing oneself leisurely experiences while exploring the sights and sounds of the entire area. To determine the right fitted itinerary for your specific needs, a great consideration should be placed on the questions that most travelers ask. Will I be traveling alone or with a companion? What do I need to know if I plan to take the whole family for a leisurely vacation?Traveling SoloMost of the practical neophytes opt to go for a pre-planned itinerary that contains a complete set of services including the two-way travel ticket, the accommodation, the course of trips and tours, and other add-on services and perks that some travel agency offers. Going for a cruise type of solitary vacation is getting popular nowadays especially that the romantic promises of an immense horizon and endless waterworld-type of environment is too much to resist for people who escapes from the busy buzz of the urban jungle. Try the Caribbean or Norwegian cruise that would certainly break the monotony of your cyclical and routine-based existence. When you travel alone, try to bring a book, an ipod, or maybe something that would keep your hands busy such as art and painting materials or a writing implement to preoccupy your mind. There are also hotels and resorts that have customized their accommodations for those who want to spend their time alone and relax without worries.Traveling with a Loved OneThe concept of leisure and travel especially for honeymooners requires a focused planning especially in the creation of an itinerary of activities. To make it easier for couples and lovers, there are resorts and hotels that provide holistic services from wellness activities to superbly executed food and dining services. For a leisurely experience, couples mostly engage in activities that are not usually possible when they are on their usual ground. Some of these activities are scuba diving, parasailing, skiing, island hopping, mountain trekking, and even game hunting. In sharing a leisurely but quiet togetherness, couples could simply pamper themselves by getting a spa massage with soothing music on the background or by engaging in yoga and tai chi sessions to maintain the harmony of mind and body.Traveling with the whole familyThis is a tricky vacation getaway especially if you are bringing a baby or a toddler on your trip. Some wealthy families think leisure and travel hiring a nanny to look after the baby but some believe that carefully planning the whole vacation spree will eliminate most of your headaches when the actual trip already begins. One advice is to only bring the things that are necessary to at least minimize the bulk of luggage that you will be dragging with you. There are hotels and even restaurants that cater for a bigger number of customers and clients. Make sure to check out these places before barking on a family journey.

Direct Lenders For Payday Loans

Payday loans are typically for small amounts of money, typically a few hundreds, to tide over some sudden crisis till their next pay check. The price of such loans is quite high running into one thousand percentage points or more of interest annually.Nevertheless, these loans are very popular. You will find customers taking five to six such loans every year. People take these loans for many reasons. Like mentioned earlier, to tide over some sudden financial crisis, like an unexpected hospitalization bill, or college fees. These loans are also used to pay late fee charges on credit card bills or overdraft charges on their bank accounts. They are popular because the money is directed to your bank account almost the instant you apply for one. Previous credit history is not an issue, even if it is bad.Paying back a payday loanThe loan does not have to be repaid in cash on the due date. You only have to ensure that there is sufficient amount in your bank account to cover the loan amount and the interest, which the lender will automatically withdraw from your account on the date of repayment.Normally the money you were lent plus the interest amount should be paid within the month.Some lenders allow you to choose the repayment scheduleSome lenders offer a continuous repayment option, whereby you give them the authority to make repeated attempts to take part or the full amount due from your bank account after the pay by date.When does taking a payday loan make sense?A payday loan makes sense if and only if you can repay it on the agreed date of repayment. They work out very expensive once they cross the date of repayment. Lenders might offer to rollover the loan till the next month and more, but this is just a sales ploy and an attempt to get you to pay more than is necessary. A good creditor would freeze charges and interest to not more than two months from the date of last payment. And you would best stick to that.How to choose a payday lender· Check among different lenders for the best interest rate.· Don’t go for lenders who offer deferrals· Don’t take multiple loans at a time. Don’t take one to repay another.· Check if the lender is registered with a trade body because trade bodies have charters which hold their members to stringent rules. One of the points of these charters is that they will deal with cases of financial difficulty with sympathy and positively· You should consider the terms and conditions of the loan. Usually payday loans have to be repaid between a time period of 15 days to 90 days. So choose that payday loan company, whose loan repayment period is comfortable to you. So it is best option to compare the terms and conditions of different pay day loan companies and choose the one whose terms are most favorable to you.Debt collection beyond extended payday dateIn such a scenario, the lender can approach a debt collection agency to collect the debt on his behalf.Latest findings A research report shows that millennials, those born after 1982 are more likely to have availed of payday loans because of their poor credit records. The high cost of the payday loans contributes to their poor credit records, so it seems to be a catch-22 situation! Cheaper forms of finance are thus not within their reach, because those institutions check the credit record of their customers before disbursing the loan. The relative ease with which a payday loan can be secured makes it appealing to the millennials.

Decorating Your Garden

It’s decorations in your garden. Non plant elements – “Garden Decor”.Garden Decor is part of what makes your garden inviting, comfortable, interesting, enticing, unusual, perhaps hilarious, soothing, cherished and more!There’s no place I prefer to be than in the garden. I work and relax in it, my daughter photographs it. We wander through it, dig our hands into it and we ENJOY it’s bounties while we are amazed at it’s complex nature and how the garden fills our senses completely. Sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste as well as our spiritual senses are all beguiled in the garden. Linger with us a bit as we saunter through the garden.We walk into a garden and are immediately entranced by what we see whether it be a formal garden design or a cottage garden we delight in the colors, textures and plant combinations we see. Garden decor adds additional architectural elements to the garden. I love walking through a garden gate or garden arbor filled with blooming roses or dangling grapes and then into the gardens beauty beyond. Bird baths, garden statues, seating areas and water features can all add interest and create a focal point in our gardens.A quirky collection of containers is always intriguing garden decor. We adorn our patio every year with different plant combinations in containers that are anything from pots, or old kitchen odds and ends, to discarded tubs and old logs with rotted out gnarled holes we can fill with soil and grow in. The patio garden is one of my favorite projects because it’s new and unique every year.A scare crow, garden gnome, or a funky bird feeder can all add a sense of whimsy to the garden. I collect garden decor (ations) from garage sales and display then in the garden, moving things around as the mood strikes. It’s really even more fun than rearranging the furniture!A water garden or water feature delights the birds and other wildlife providing us with a soothing sensation of the sound of running water. A water feature doesn’t need to be large. You can add a small water garden to most any garden and do it quite inexpensively. I have an old bucket that I keep unplanted in my garden. This water doesn’t run, it’s there for the animals. We’ve recently had a family of foxes move in and they enjoy a fresh drink in the mornings and evenings when the garden is cool and inviting.Finally, as you add garden decor to your garden, think of garden furniture, maybe a patio umbrella and seating area or a pergola. Every garden needs to provide a “place to be”. A relaxing shady spot or a place to plop and enjoy the beautiful view you’ve created.As we’ve wandered gardens we’ve also taken pictures for you focusing on the garden decor. We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoy sharing them. We also ask that you submit your garden decor photos to use so we can share those with our readers. We welcome your projects and project ideas.